Garvagh Forest

The forest has an area of over 500 acres, and is located to the west and south west of the town, it has both conifer and broad leaved trees. It has well maintained forest roads and pathways of almost 7 safe and very attractive miles.

The forest also offers a wide variety of wild flowers and grasses that are impressive enough to be studied by experts. The forest also claims fame to a pyramid, this was erected as a family vault by Lord Garvagh in the 19th Century. The structure built of freestone blocks measures 18 feet square at the base and is about 21 feet high, surrounding this is the Bluebell Woods which are a stunning sight when they are in full bloom.

You can often see buzzards soaring overhead calling to each other, and you could also have a chance meeting with a few resident squirrels. The locals have come to value the forest for its peace and tranquility but is a place sorely overlooked by visitors, who would most likely find it a safe and interesting place to walk or cycle.