Marital life Traditions in Guatemala

The Guatemalan wedding traditions is a blend of religion and family. A large number of marriage practices date back centuries. The marriage ceremony is very religious, and it is usually held in a community center.

During the processional, the kids play a big function. That they carry the marriage train and the pillow containing the wedding rings. They are also responsible for carrying out a number of duties. In addition they give help to the bridegroom. The children are respected.

A Guatemalan wedding usually requires hundreds of guests. These types of guests get invitations each week or so before the ceremony. The bride and groom slip on white wedding dresses and complete the appearance with white sneakers. The wedding party also has on a similar dress.

The Guatemalan wedding ceremony starts with the exchange of rings. In that case, the soon-to-be husband offers thirteen coins to the star of the wedding. These gold and silver coins are emblematic of good lot of money in marital life. The thirteen gold and silver coins represent the twelve apostles of Christ and are supposed to bring wealth to the new family.

The next thing in the marriage process is definitely the pedida, which is a ceremony to unite the families. The groom is by up to ten parents on the bride’s side on the family. The groom must listen to the advice. Once the groom gets the essential advice, this individual presents the ring to his fiance.

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After the pedida, the few dating a latin american girl look at this celebrates their wedding party with a tiny reception. The reception is usually managed at the groom’s house. The family group provides the foodstuff and drinks. The reception ends with dancing.